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Chilanzar 2 Building 15 B, Tashkent
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In Chilanzar an area that is literally immersed in lush greenery, the hotel is Mehnat. Furnishing rooms designed with warm colors, which makes the room more comfortable, when the large windows the sun’s rays fall. In the courtyard of the hotel in Uzbekistan for guests equipped with professional pool, where you can just swim and enjoy various water sports. It welcomed the team competition, as well as trial heats for scheduled distance. Also Mehnat Visitors can enjoy the sauna, whose beneficial effects significantly improve your health, cheer up. Throw dialed kilograms can be in the gym, equipped with equipment for a variety of physical exercises.


In the morning guests are invited to a buffet, and lunch or dinner can be organized at a local restaurant, which is very famous hotel in Tashkent. Not far from the shopping center Mehnat works, and go forward, you can go to the famous Square of Amir Temur. The hotel is allowed to bring pets, but it needs approval of the administration. For payment charged by cash only, so do not count on the cards, and it is better to stock up in advance in cash.


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