Matluba Hanum

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Bukhara, 115 st. M. Ambar,
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Right at the crossroads near the Kukeldash owned complex Labi-Havuz, is a two-story brick building, a mini-hotel “Matluba Hanum”. The house was built on the square, so in the middle there is a small courtyard, and on the second floor has a steep staircase. On the walls you can see the alabaster stucco, executed in the form of oriental arches.


This charming house has four rooms of various capacities. According to the needs of guests, you can choose an air-conditioned room with one, two, three or four beds. Each individual room has an attached bathroom with a shower. Bed and transmit traditional Uzbek family life, not to forget their roots.


The price includes breakfast. At other times, you can eat in the city, or here, the main pre-notify owner of their culinary preferences.


By the way, once a week the landlord personally prepares Uzbek pilaf and free treats their guests.


As a useful pastime, you can learn how to cook one or several national dishes.


Alternative entertainment is cable TV in the room or a conversation over tea in the open air.


The head of the family will also help in the organization of tours as the next, and so on remote monuments (guide, interpreter, car with driver, etc.). If you come by car, put her in the yard, so do not worry about safety.


Please note that accommodation will have to pay for in cash only.

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