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Samarkand, Nodirabegim, 16 Landmark: district Bogishamol
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At Nodirabegim, 16 in Samarkand there is The Marvarid Hotel, surrounded by rich flowery gardens, once planted by Amir Timur. Few people know that the symbol of the Marvarid is a mythical bird whose image was taken from the frescoes of Afrasiab. It is symbolic that the legendary bird brings good luck, happiness and prosperity. Just because of this the Marvarid is visited by a large number of guests.


Scenic landscape opens up through the windows of the Marvarid. You can admire it in the evenings, by ordering something delicious to your room. Also, no one will disturb the guest at work, if there is such a need – on the contrary, the guest will be able to use fax, a printer, and even to make international call.


To your room, you can bring food – drinks, fruit, dairy products, because each of them have a refrigerator. The rooms are served around the clock. At the same time, trained and highly professional staff will never disturb a guest for no reason.

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