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In the small streets of old Bukhara, next to the Jewish synagogues and a Jewish school is a two-storey mini-hotel «Malikjon House ». This hotel is a class B & B is located in a converted house, which has preserved the features of the oriental style of the late 19th century. It can be said of carved columns that support the roof, and a wooden gate and ceilings. The rooms and public areas are common handmade rugs, bedspreads, track and ceramic products, which make additional color. For protection from the hot sun and Bukhara indiscreet looks, doors and windows of the second floor are equipped with mirrored glasses, plus inside the weigh curtains.


The furniture is mostly wooden and mattresses lie on the beds.


As in most traditional houses, there is a patio, where there are wooden chairs with cushions and tables. This place is ideal for breakfast. By the way, the morning meal menu varies throughout the week.


Available rooms in total 10 air-conditioned rooms to accommodate one to three guests. The room also has a desk, bedside tables, lamps and a TV with cable channels. In the room there is an individual bathroom with a shower.


If you come by car, parking is both outside and inside the hotel.


The administrator can use the international phone and a computer with internet access will have to go to the Lyabi-Hauz. For paid services include laundry facilities.


Do not forget that credit cards are not accepted, you need to pay in cash.

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