Malika Khiva

3 stars
55.00 $

The town has three hotels belonging to the network, “Malika”, this three star hotel is called “Malika”. He stands at the gate Ata Darvoza through which it was possible to enter the citadel of Ichan-Kala. Externally, the hotel resembles a medieval madrasas with decorative majolica and small towers, minarets. The old facade hides an excellent equipment of rooms.Year-round air conditioning and the presence of the usual channels on television give a sense of peace. Furniture is mainly environmentally friendly – made of wood.


The rooms are mostly designed for two. However, the room can also be obtained in the individual use. More spacious room designed for three.


Along with a shower, a bathtub for bathing. If the mobile phone does not work, you can call directly from your room. Various gadgets easily caught Wi-Fi. If you need a wired Internet, go to the mini-office. There are different computer equipment, including fax. collective meetings or briefings may be conducted in the spacious hall of the hotel.


In the courtyard of undeveloped lobby area also is served for breakfast tables.


Souvenir stall working in the vicinity of the reception. The two tiers of windows on the lobby floor made of white and black cells, which are large pieces for this game of chess.


“Malika Khiva” has a restaurant. Its design combines European style with oriental decor.


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