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Inside Khiva there is another city called Ichan-Kala. Ichan-Kala is an ancient part of Khiva with a lot of historical monuments. Right inside Ichan-Kala city there is Lola Hotel. It is surrounded by such historical monuments as: Mausoleum Pakhlavan Mahmud; Islam Khodja architectural complex and Juma Mosque. The hotel is built in national style and perfectly suits the environment.

The hotel offers 22 rooms in total. Out of them: 2 are deluxe; 4 are single;and 16 are standard double. Deluxe rooms are furnished with 1 bed (cots available at request), satellite TV, refrigerator and standard set that is available in regular rooms. Regular rooms have: air conditioner. At the reception desk, guests can find: fax machine, internet access, and phone. Facilities of the hotel include: bar; restaurant; laundry and courtyard. From time to time Lola Hotel organizes live music performances of national artists.

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