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Farap- Turkmenabat- Kugitang – Dinosaur Plateau – Turkmenabat – Farap
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  • Classic Tours
  • Duration: 5 day/s 4 nights
  • Max:20people

Kugitang. “Dinosaur Plateau “
And other natural sites of Kugitang. Conserves about 200 clear footprints of Dinosaurs , became extinct about 150 million years ago.

Country: Turkmenistan
Tour route: Farap- Turkmenabat- Kugitang – Dinosaur Plateau – Turkmenabat – Farap
Duration: 5 day/s 4 nights
Quality of persons: 20 persons maximum
Hotel type: 3-4 *
Meal: FB
Placemen: single, twin

Day 1

Farap –Turkmenabat – Kugitang
Meet tourists at Alat/Farap border. Drive to Turkmenabad. Lunch at one of the local restaurants of Turkmenabad. Registration of tourists.
A drive to Kugitang Reserve. Arrive to Kugitang mountains region and to tourist lodge in Koytendag. Accommodation at the base camp. Dinner. Overnight at the camp.

Day 2

Kugitang – Dinosaur Plateau – Kugitang
A trip to the Dinosaur Plateau – some decades ago the inner layer of the mountain appeared due to the surface rock displacement opening the picture left by dinosaur family on a soil not yet turned to stone. Four footprint paths can be seen clearly – three left by adults and one probably by a baby dinosaur. Lunch.
Sightseeing of landmarks of Kugitang Mountains: waterfall, gorge, Kyrk Gyz cave. Return to the tourist camp

Day 3

After breaking camp in the morning, we set off on our hike through the colorful canyons and across the breathtaking ridge of the Kugitang range. We make a climb further up to the mountains where we can see one of the beautiful waterfalls of Hojapil village.
Return to the base camp. Lunch and enjoy time to rest.
In the late afternoon hours, we go wildlife watching, trekking through the nearby gorges. We stop at dawn with view of the water place and with some luck will have a good chance to see some of the endangered Ibexes. Apart from Ibexes, the area inhabits similarly protected Urials (Arkhar – mountain sheep), Karakal wild cats and very rare species of brown bears and Persian leopards. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight

Day 4

Kugitang – Turkmenabat
Drive back to Turkmenabad (480 km). En route, visit Kaynar-Baba Lake with the hydrogen sulphide spring and a holy fish, which is invisible in the lake. Continue to Turkmenabad crossing Amudarya River. Arrival to Turkmenabad, check-in to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5

Turkmenabat – Farap
Accompanying tourists to Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan Farap/Alat border point. The end of Turkmenistan tour.


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