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Пансионат Ходжикент ГАЖК Узбекистон Темир Йуллари R-12, Hojikent
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At 70 km from Tashkent, in the foothills of Chimgan is a holiday home “Khodjikent”. The base is located on the territory of Ugam-Chatkal National Park, here in the hot summer the capital’s residents are going to. Active guests prefer to climb the mountains, the other resting on the Charvak reservoir. The greatest advantage of this holiday home – the opportunity to combine extreme comfort, hiking and swimming. Staff pension advise you places for recreation, if you wish you can hire a professional guide.


The recreation center is located on the banks of the river Chirchik. It is approximately 700 m. Above sea level. At this point, from the cold winds of the river Chirchik reliably protect slopes Karzhantaur and Chatkal ranges, thanks to this year round you can relax in this area. In the spring of the local nature is particularly colorful and fresh, from the windows of the hotel you can see hillsides, and enjoy the riot of flavors and bright colors.


The hotel standard and deluxe rooms, designed specifically for your comfort. Total number of rooms 114, of which 24 single rooms, 70 double rooms – standard rooms with a bed, bathroom, table, chairs and crockery, and 20 deluxe rooms, consisting of living room and bedroom, with a fridge and satellite TV set.




In the recreation area are the playground for playing soccer, volleyball, billiards and tennis. Here you can freely swim in the pool or watch cable TV.


Outdoors, you can stay in these couches, and enjoy a delicious hot tea. For culinary talents in the recreation area are given the opportunity to cook food.


The rooms equipped with computers with Internet access. In the evening for guests operates a cinema and disco with DJ.


For those who are planning to combine leisure and business meetings specially equipped meeting rooms – the hotel organizes business meetings at the highest level.


The recreation area is provided with a guide. The main attraction of this area is the trees plane trees, whose age is more than 700 years. Every tourist, vacationer here must visit these centuries-old trees, to touch them, because they are stored in a memory of the times of Amir Temur. Also guides can organize a tour of the scenic Khodjikent: birch and walnut grove, Kyzylsu where you can freely swim and dive to the depths, to the “stone mushrooms” and many other unique places. It is possible to travel to Beldersay, and then laminated on one of the longest cableways in Central Asia, the length of which is 2 km away. On the cable car you can see the extraordinary beauty of a kind of “Uzbek Switzerland”.

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