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Hotel “Khan” is located in the heart of the ancient city of Kokand. Our guests always say about the strategic location of hotel, which close to restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, and railway ticket office.


Kokand is one of the oldest cities of the Ferghana Valley, which is located on the Great Silk Road. The Fergana Valley is called the pearl of Central Asia due to its beautiful and rich nature. It is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. Kokand is located in the southwestern part of the open valley. One of the names of the city – Hukandi Lateef means “graceful city with clean air.” Kokand has existed for over two thousand years. Starting from 1709 and until 1876 it was the capital of the Kokand Khanate. There are many architectural monuments, 7 museums, drama theater, handicraft centers, markets and many other sights. The multinational population of the city is more than 260 thousand.


Palace Museum last Khan of Kokand Khudoyar, embodying the style of architecture of Kokand masters, is a 5-minute walk from our hotel. Banks and the central telegraph office, built in the European style, also located near the hotel. Beautiful and surprising mix of architectural styles, hospitable people, contact history and present – all this will leave you in the warmest memories of the elegant city – Kokand. Not far away from the hotel are Khan palace, mosque, church, synagogue, theater, bowling, Literature Museum, markets, cafes and restaurants, banks, railway and bus stations.

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