Jahon Palace

3 stars
Gagarina Street 107, Samarkand 140100
40.00 $

In Samarkand on Gagarin Street, 107, the hotel is located Jahon Palace. Designed in a unique design style, the hotel is constantly attracts the views of passers-by. The morning begins with living a luxury buffet offers a variety of dishes. Relax under the caressing sun on the terrace, ordering refreshments yourself, or plunging into the azure waters of the large pool. Culinary delights beckons local restaurant, whose chef offers Uzbek and European cuisine. In Jahon Palace is easy to solve administrative issues – transportation, registration, extra living – literally everything is solved in an instant. The only thing – you can not bring pets. Also, restrictions apply Uzbek couples who were not registered in marriage – to find on the site they will be categorically denied.


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