Hotel Yangiabad

2 stars
Uzbekistan City: ANGREN
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On the territory of the Biosphere Reserve, near Tashkent, in the mountains located hostel Yangiabad, rightfully named the pearl of Chatkal. Unique here is everything – from the location of the complex to the perfect thoughtful design. For example, a common meal in Yangiabad restaurant turns into an unforgettable, thanks to the fact that the restaurant itself is a viewing platform, opening the eyes of visitors to the splendor of the white mountains, hilly landscapes and all the delights that abound in this region. The hotel in Uzbekistan round the clock medical center, and experienced doctors at the site have a professional help if the need arises. Most often, for their help are turning inexperienced cyclists who go for walks along mountain trails and returning with minor abrasions or scratches. In Yangiabad bar, where you can purchase a variety of drinks. This is especially true during the disco, which is always a lot of fun – very often this event visits the guest artists and dance groups. Rest here a pleasure in any season. In winter, for guests working lift, you can ski, conquering unapproachable peaks or explore other winter sports under the guidance of experienced coaches. In summer, tourists invite artificial lake, made ​​with the best craftsmen, and therefore enjoy a great love of vacationers. You can go hiking to the mourners, having absorbed the romance of camping life, campfires, food from the pot. Quiet hunt lovers will spend many hours doing things you love.

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