High lakes of Tian-Shian for 2019

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  • Mountain tours
  • Duration:13

Type of the tour: cultural/trekking


Departure day from homeland
Day 2

Arrival in Bishkek (formerly Frunze), the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Transfer to Bishkek (40 km) to the hotel. Breakfast and rest at the hotel. Lunch. After lunch city tour with visiting Osh bazaar, the main Ala-To Square, walk along the Oak Park to the open art gallery of Sculptures. Dinner in the local restaurant. Overnight stay in the hotel.(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 800 m in Bishkek)
 (Meal B/L/D)

Day 3

Trekking Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the National park of the valley of Chon-Kemin (160 km, about 2,5 hours) to the start point of the trek to the gorge Tory-Aigyr. Meeting with the local team with horses for luggage. Start the trekking up to the gorge Tory-Aigyr about 4 hours. Here you can see a unique spectacle – meadows, full of edelweiss. Stay overnight in tents.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: start point – 800 m in Bishkek, start point of the trek- 2150m, end of day -2400 m in the tent camp. Altitude difference during the day is +350 m)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 4

Trekking The walk takes you to the pass Tory-Aigyr (2400 m). You will do crossing the small pass about 2900 m. Trekking towards the mountain Lake Kol-Kogur (Kol-Tor). (5-6 hours). The lake is a magnificent spectacle in the bright sunshine. It looks like a sapphire set amongst a vast array of silver, snow-covered mountains. Stay overnight in tents (2400 m above sea level).

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in tent camp – 2400m, highest point – 2900 m, end of day -2400m in the tent camp. Altitude difference during the day is +500 m first half and -500 m second half)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 5

Breakfast. Trekking over the pass Kol-Kogur (3250 m) about 6 hours. The path passes through alpine meadows where, in summer, local people live with their families and livestock. Picnic. Trekking down for 850 m. till the place with water. Stay overnight in tents (2400 m above sea level).

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in tent camp – 2400 m, highest point of the trek is  3250 m at the pass, end of day -2400m in the tent camp. Altitude difference during the day is +850 m first half and -850 m second half)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 6

Trekking: Breakfast. Trek down to the mouth of Kol-Tor valley about 3 hours. Picnic for lunch. Meeting with car. Transfer to the Cholpon-Ata on the Northern shore of Issyk-Kul lake (40 km). Free time for swimming on the lake. Optionally is possible to do motor boat excursion during 1 hour in Issyk-Kul lake. It is the second largest mountain lake after Titicaca. Accommodation in the hotel on the shore of the lake, “Raduga” or similar.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in tent camp – 2400m, end of day -1600m at the lake shore)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 7


Transfer to Karakol (170 km) along the Northern shore of Issy-Kul. Visit the Open Air Museum of Petrogliphs in Cholpon-Ata city. The Open Air Museum, sometimes referred as a Stone Garden, covers some 42 hectares and contains a number of prehistoric monumental structures (stone circles, tombs, the remains of a boundary stone wall, balbals) and Petroglyphs (dating from the II millennium BC up to the Middle Ages upto the VI century AD).. Excursion to the Farm in Tepke village. Lunch on the farm. The owners of farm are breading Kyrgyz type of horses. It will be presentation about Kyrgyz horses. As option for additional payment is possible to organize Kyrgyz traditional horse game “ULak Tartysh” (Kyrgyz Polo) in the village.

Transfer to Karakol. City tour in Karakol. Visiting Prjevalskiy (famous Russian traveler) museum, Russian Orthodox Church, Muslim mosque in Dungan style. Accommodation in a hotel.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: at the lake shore – 1600m, end of day -1700m in Karakol)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 8


  1. After breakfast transfer to the Jety Oguz gorge (40 km) to the valley of flowers. Shepherds tell a lot of legends about the beautiful, famous, red rocks formation known as “Seven Bulls” and “Broken Heart” Pass several wooden bridges over the mountainous river to reach the Flower Valley, because it has many flowers especially in June. Upon arrival accommodation and lunch in the yurt camp. The camp has 5 yurts with 4 sleeping places in each yurta. All yurts have heating stove, wooden floor. Sleeping places will be organized on the floor in traditional Kyrgyz style. We will provide two mats, two blankets and clean bed shits for each sleeping place. The lunch will be served in separate dinning yurt.
  2. Two options for walking in the afternoon.

OPTION 1 with walking excursion to the waterfall named also Jety-Oguz. It is 24 meters high. Walking distance is about 3-4 km, walking time to the waterfall about 1 hour to one direction. The same time takes walking back to the camp. Relax on the riverbank or in the yurt camp.

OPTION 2 with walking excursion along the Jerty-Oguz gorge upto the viewpoint to the glacier Oguz-Bashi. Come back to the camp by the same route. Time for walking excursion is about 3 hours.


Dinner in the yrt camp. Overnight stay in the yurt camp, in “Flower valley”.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in Karakol – 1700m, end of day -2250m in the yurt camp)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 9


  1. Transfer to Kochkor village (280 km). The road goes along the southern shore of the Issyk-Kul lake. On the way walking excursion to the canyon Skazka for 1 hour. Stop for picnic on the shore. It will be possibility for swimming during picnic time.
  2. Visiting woman group who is producing traditional nomad’s carpets from the felt which call “Shiyrdak’” and “Ala Kiiz”. You can see the processing the carpet production. Optionally it is possible to have an Eagle hunting show in Bokonbaevo on the way to Kochkor. Stop on the shore of the lake for picnic and for swim. This night you will stay in the family guesthouses of local people. Four family guesthouses located on one street (2-3 minutes walking distance from one house to another). Each house has 2-3 sleeping rooms, one toilet and one shower. You need to share the toilet and the shower between people staying in one house. The dinner will be organized in one of the family for whole group. It will be prepared Kyrgyz traditional meal Beshparmak . Some people from the family will join you for the dinner and you can know about the life of people in villages during the discussion.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in the Yurt camp – 2250m, end of day -1750m in Kochkor village)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 10


Breakfast. Transfer to Song-Kul Lake which is located on the altitude 3030 m. Local people call the pasture around the lake as nomad’s paradise. Hundreds of local shepherd stay during the summer in the area around Song-Kul lake and using local traditional felt houses yurta to stay on the pasture. Upon arrival to Song-Kul you will stay in the yurt camp nearby shepherds. Lunch. It will be radial walking excursion for 2 hours in the afternoon. Dinner in the yurt camp. Overnight stay in the yurt camp.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: in Kochkor village- 1750m, end of day -3040m in Song-Kul Lake)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 11


Breakfast. Free day in Song-Kul. This is a popular place among the local people, who come here every summer with their families and cattle. You can do one day hiking to mountains, meet local shepherds, watch the shepherd’s way of life: taste bread and kumyz (the national Kyrgyz drink from mares’ milk). For walking excursion and visit nomads the guide will be with you. It is different possibilities of walking distances on Song-Kul.

  • Local shepherds families stay around the camp on distance about 1 km.
  • It is no special walking routes on Song-Kul. You can do walking for yourself and spend time for walking from 1 hour and up to 5-6 hours. If you go for whole day walking, we will organize packed lunch and you do not need to come back to the camp for lunch time. You can have free fly program for walking this day and stay along on the nature.

If you like to do a day of horse riding, we appreciate to organise this for you. It will be for additional payment. For horse riding we will organize local stableman for escorting.


Accommodation and dinner in the yurt camp.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: -3040m in Song-Kul Lake)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 12


Breakfast. Transfer to Bishkek (380 km). The road goes over the high pass Kalmak Ashuu (3065 m). Lunch. On the way a visit to Burana tower the remaining of Karakhanid Empire in Central Asia (11 c). Dinner in the local restaurant. Optionally Kyrgyz folklore program during the dinner. Accommodation in the “Asia Mountains” or similar.

(Altitudes above sea level during the day: -3040m in Song-Kul Lake)

(Meal B/L/D)

Day 13


Transfer to the Airport.


Level of difficulty:  This tour is suitable for all people; please note that sometimes there will be 4-6 hours transfers along the mountainous roads.

Conditions: If you have some specific sicknesses you need to bring own first aid kit with necessary medicaments.

It is necessary to bring warm clothes, trekking boots, rain coat, good sleeping bag and etc. Weight of personal things is not limited


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