Hayot Hostel

2 stars
St. Kuylyuk 1, 22, 100080 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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In seven kilometers from the central zone of Tashkent is a cozy hostel Hayot. Guests are welcomed by seven rooms with cable TV, soft beds, large windows, as well as a spacious kitchen and a welcoming dining room. It is recommended to leave the luggage in the storage room, which guarantees the reliability of the preservation of things.


Hotel in Tashkent is known for its hospitality – even before the invasion of the staff will certainly ask what number is required entering – family, for non-smokers, or standard. It is important to remember that smoking in a hostel in Uzbekistan is not allowed, special zones are reserved for this purpose.


One of the essential amenities of Hayot is that you can pay for each service with cards, without necessarily having to pay in cash. Near the hostel there is a restaurant, where you can go for lunch breaks or full dinners. Interesting and will walk through the streets of Tashkent – going on a trip, you can get acquainted with the historical events of the city, to visit different places, meet the night life in Tashkent.

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