Guest house “At Yahshigul” in the village of Asraf

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Uzbekistan, Jizzakh region, Farish district
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The mountain village of Asraf of Farish district of Jizzakh region is located on the northern slope of the Nurata Mountains. Residence of Yahshigul and Bobozhon Kozokov is the only guest house in this village. Group travelers up to eight people are happily placed in one of two rooms. Also in the courtyard are two mud beds-supa – covered earthen buildings on three sides closed from the wind. Under their roof you can eat and relax. Simple service is complete with a toilet in the yard and a simplified shower. The price includes three meals a day.


In the garden around the house they grow cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and sweet rayhon (also called basil). One bed is located directly over a mountain creek, whose waters feed the local plant. The murmur of a cool spring adjusts for relaxation and meditation.


Besides apple, peach, apricot and pomegranate trees, mulberry trees grow in the garden. One of them is a true old-timer, the width of its trunk strikes. The owners claim that the age of the tree is more than a few hundred years.


“At Yahshigul’s” You can learn to cook on a wood hearth. By the way, almost all the vegetables used for preparing food are grown in environmentally friendly conditions.


The location around the village of Asraf allows hiking of varying difficulty. You don’t need to look for a guide for this, as sons of Bobojon aka are experienced guides. They willingly organize for you hiking or horseback expedition. From them you will hear the history of the origin of the village.


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