Guest house «Shirinagul-opa»

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Uzbekistan, Jizzakh region, Farish district
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One of the places for rest and accommodation of travelers to the Nurata Mountains can be chosen the village of Hayat of the Farish region of the Djizak region. The hospitable house of Parda Masuev under the name “Shirinagul-opa” will readily receive eight tourists. For visitors there are two rooms, one with single beds, and the other on the floor are the kurpachi.



In the shady garden there are two beds, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, included in the price. Facilities are in the courtyard – it’s a summer shower, a toilet and a small bathhouse, which is flooded during the cold periods of the year.


Service at home is complemented by two satellite dishes, thanks to which guests can get acquainted with international news or watch their favorite TV shows.


Cellular communication in the yard does not work, so you have to call to climb the nearest mountain.


On the site there is a chicken coop, also contain goats, sheep and cows. Thanks to this, there are always fresh eggs on the table, as well as the most delicate dairy products – kefir, syuzma, ayran and others.


Like all rural residents, Parda-aka has its own garden and vegetable garden – the main source of vegetables and fruits for the table. As entertainment, guests are offered to learn how to prepare oriental cuisine.


One of the local attractions was the aviary where the sheep of Severtsov, listed in the Red Book, are bred. Employees of the reserve carefully guard them. You can not approach them, but you can see it from a mountain through binoculars.

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