Guest house “Rahima-opa”

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Uzbekistan, Navoi region, Nurata district, village September
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Ecological tourists will gladly go on an expedition to the mountainous area of ​​Nuratau. You can relax and spend the night in the guest house of Gaybulla Zarifullayev called “Rahima-opa”. Two rooms are able to take the order of eight travelers. A small pool, two beds, a toilet and a street shower complete a simple service, but for a rural tourist this is not the main thing. It is more important to collect more impressions and plunge into life as unlike the city whirlwind. With this here, you will certainly be helped.


For example, you can walk to the nearby mountain valleys, inspect the ruins of a mosque or take a picture of petroglyphs. More hardy people will be offered a difficult transition to Lake Fazilman, located on a high plateau. Before you will appear the enchanting beauty of a virgin nature.


In Nuratau there are many birds unusual for the townspeople – they are white-headed sipy, golden eagles and bearded.


If you are an experienced rider, you can rent a horse or donkey. To all who wish, the head of the family gives riding lessons.


An alternative pastime will be the study of everyday life and everyday troubles of local residents. In breaks, you can indulge in reflections, lying on a couch under the canopy of a walnut tree. Silence, clean air, singing birds and the murmur of a cold stream will make it possible to forget the noise of the city and endless trouble.

  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   Cable TV
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