Guest house “Mutabar”

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Uzbekistan, Navoi region, Nurata district
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If you like mountains, but do not engage in mountaineer, you can go sightseeing routes to the Nurata Mountains. Hikes, expeditions and magnificent landscapes of the mountainous terrain will distract from city transport, noise, burning and exhaust gases.

One of the items for overnighting and resting can be the guest house “Mutabar”, owned by Shodiboy and Mutabar Boboyev. Here, with pleasure will take a company of fifteen people. There are four rooms in the house, three beds, satellite TV, covered veranda, outdoor toilet and shower. In the warm season it is very pleasant to have dinner sitting on the couch. By the way, one of them is installed in the garden, and it has a view of the mountain stream.

By profession, the head of the family is a geography teacher, over the years he visited all corners of his land and collected a large album with photographs of the Nurata region. After reviewing them and listening to the interesting stories of Shodiboy, you may want to expand the area of ​​your excursion around Uzbekistan.

In the yard there is also a yurt, where a kind of home museum is organized, where traditional tools, dishes, linens, coins and ornaments are displayed.

Mutabar-opa will be pleased to teach you how to cook simple national dishes and bake oven in tandyra.

Fans of active pastime like walks on a horse or ass, as well as hiking to a waterfall or climbing a mountain. The guide and guide will be Shodiboy Boboev himself.

  •   Breakfast
  •   Cable TV
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