Guest house “At Habib’s” in the village of Hayat, Jizzakh region

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Uzbekistan, Jizzakh region., Farish district Landmark: Hayat village
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Guest house “At Habib’s” in the village of Hayat, Jizzakh region

Sattor and Bezargul Akhmedovs invite lovers of Nurata mountains to their guest house. The two houses, designed for the reception of tourists, can accommodate up to 10 people. Sanitary conveniences are in the yard – a shower and an outside toilet.


In the shade of an orchard there are some comfortable beds-chorpoyas. Two of them hover over the mountain river flowing through the area. It is nice to relax in aivan, listening to the murmur of water, and watching the swaying foliage. It is an ideal place for a friendly conversation. Thanks to crystal clean mountain air, at night in the sky a myriad of stars can be seen.


The area around the house has uneven terrain. There is a small waterfall and a water mill used to produce flour there. Like in all villages, in the house they bake bread and somosa in the tandoor.


The local attraction is a small pond in the garden, where fish are bred. At the request of tourists they can be cooked for dinner. As rural way of life requires, on the table food prepared from locally grown fruits and vegetables is served.


Men in the Akhmedovs family are experienced guides. They will invite you for hiking to the nearby valley of the river, gorge, petroglyphs and ruins of an old mosque. The most hardy can overpower the pass and walk to the next village Ukhum where is an observation tower “Help” nearby.” For an additional fee you are provided horses or donkeys for walks.

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