Great Silk Road Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan

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Almaty – Chimkent – Otrar - Turkistan - Aksu Djabagly NP – Taraz city – Astana - Bishkek, Son Kul Lake, Naryn Town...
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  • Religious tours to Uzbekistan
  • Duration:25
  • Max:20people

Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan- and Turkmenistan

Cities: Almaty – Chimkent – Otrar – Turkistan – Aksu Djabagly NP – Taraz city – Astana – Bishkek, Son Kul Lake, Naryn Town, Karakol town, Cholpan Ata, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Mary, Merv, Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench, Khiva, Urgench

Duration: 25 days/24 nights

Day 1 Arrival to Almaty, Kazakhstan

After arrival to Almaty airport, tourists go to check in the hotel. They have a brief break in the hotel and then go for a tour around Almaty. Sightseeing includes: State Museum of History, Republic Square, Zenkov Cathedral, Panfilov park, Zenkov Cathedral, War Memorial, Museum of Musical Instruments and other places.

Day 2 Visit to Chymbulak ski resort and Medeo damm. Flight from Almaty city to Chimkent city

In the morning of second day we have a tour to Medeo damm, that is 20 kilometers away, to see ice skating rink. After that we return to Almaty and go for sightseeing. The program includes: Old square,  Mosque, Opera House and other great places. In the evening we take a flight to Chimkent city. Instead of a flight, we can get there on a train.

Day 3 Chimkent – Otrar remains - Turkistan city

In the morning we leave Chimkent and to Turkistan city. On our way we stop to see remains of Otrar settlement and visit a museum.

Day 4 Turkistan city – Chimkent – Natural park Aksu Djabagly

In Turkistan city we visit Akhmed Yassawi Architectural Complex, located in historical center of the city. After that we leave Turkistan city, pass by Chimkent to get to Natural Part Aksu Djabagly.

Day 5 Aksu Djabagly National Park – Taraz city

When the day five begins, tourists have the opportunity to get to know the park closer. In the afternoon there will be a tour to Taraz city. On our way to Taraz city we stop by Mausoleum Aisha Bibi.

Day 6 From Taraz city to Astana

In the morning we have a tour around Taraz city. The plan for day six is to visit: State History Museum, Central square, Karakhan mosque and mausoleum.

In the evening we take a flight to Astana.

Day 7 Sightseeing in Astana

The sightseeing program in Astana includes visiting: Baiterek, Museum of the First President, Culture center, Pyramid, “Dumana”Aquarium and shopping center “Mega”.

Day 8 From Astana to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

We go to the airport to take a flight to Bishkek.

Day 9 Arrival to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Upon arrival to Bishkek we check in the hotel, have a short break, have breakfast and go the the Son Kul Lake. This lake is 360 kilometers away. It is situated in a highland area. People that live in that area breed sheep and horses. We will meet with local people and explore how they live. It is allowed to take photos. The night will be spent in a yurt camp.

Day 10 From Son Kul Lake to Naryn town (275 km).


We will travel from Son Kul Lake to Naryn town. On our way we will see beautiful landscapes passing by mountains. When we reach our destination, we go for sightseeing. The program in Naryn includes: Central Square and Mosque, Art Gallery (if it is open). Accommodation in the hotel Khan Tengri***

Day 11 From Naryn to Karakol


This day we have a long trip from Naryn to Karakol. On our way to Karakol we stop in Kochkor village to visit – a shop and a Museum of Handicraft. On the south side of the Lake Issyk Kul we will visit a canyon called Fairy tale. In the canyon there will be opportunity for hiking and taking pictures. This place is famous for its red rock formations that are quite unusual. After the stop the travel will continue. Upon arrival to Karakol, we settle in the guesthouse called “Green Yard” and stay there for a night.

Day 12 From Karakol to Cholpon Ata


In the morning we go for sightseeing in Karakol. It includes: Orthodox Cathedral, Dungan Mosque and Przhevalskii Complex. Then we go to Cholpon Ata. In Cholpon Ata we check in “Royal Beach” hotel or if not available in the similar hotel.

Day 13 From Cholpon Ata to Bishkek


On the way to Bishkek, we will drive from the North side of the lake. On the way to Bishkek, we will stop to see Burana Tower and then continue our trip. In Bishkek we will go to a restaurant for dinner.

Day 14 From Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Tashkent, Uzbekistan


On day 14 we move to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Day 15 Tashkent sightseeing


Upon arrival to Tashkent, we will have a tour around Tashkent city. In the airport our driver meets tourists and drives them to the hotel. Later that day after hotel check in you will have a tour and visit the following places: Khast-Imam Architectural Complex, Chorsu market, Amir Timur and Independence Squares, Museum of Applied Arts. The night will be spent in the hotel in Tashkent.

Day 16 From Tashkent to Samarkand


Breakfast early in the morning in the hotel and then heading to the railway station for a trip to Samarkand. The train “Registan” departs at 7:00 am. Upon arrival to Samarkand there is a guided tour to enjoy finest sites of Samarkand. Samarkand has rich history. At times of Amir Timur’s ruling, Samarkand was a capital of the empire and was known as Afrosiab. Sightseeing program includes: visiting Registan Square, Mausoleum Gur-Emir, Shakhi-Zinda, Mosque Bibi-Khanum. The night is spent in the hotel in Samarkand.

Day 17 Samarkand sightseeing


After breakfast in the morning of day 17, we will have a trip to the unique archeological place and visit Afrosiab museum. Then we will see the place where Saint Daniel was buried. After that we will go back to Samarkand. In Samarkand there will be some time to spend on your own

Day 18 From Samarkand to Bukhara


The day begins with the trip to Bukhara. During the trip we stop by caravan serai called Rabat-i-Malik. After that we continue our trip to Bukhara. Upon arrival to Bukhara, we check in the hotel. Then we leave the hotel to see beautiful Bukhara. The old part of the city is recognized by UNESCO to one of the World Heritage Sites. We will see: Minaret and Mosque Kalyan, Madrassa Miri-Arab, Mosque Magoki-Attori, Abdulazizkhan, Chor-Minor and Ulugbek Madrassas, trade domes and Architectural Complex Lyabi Hauz. The night is spent in the hotel in Bukhara

Day 19 Bukhara sightseeing


Day two is also dedicated to the beauties of Bukhara. Sightseeing includes: Mausoleum of Samanids, Ark Fortress, Chashma-Ayub and Naqshbandi Mausoleums, summer residences of  Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Emir. This residence is unique because it combines Russian and Asian architectural styles. After that, tourists will have free time to walk around and visit places they want. The night is spent in the hotel in Bukhara.

Day 20 From Bukhara to Mary


Wake up early in the morning to get to the Uzbek-Turkmen border. Passing customs control and entering the territory of Turkmenistan. On Turkmen side a guide will be waiting for the tourists and will take them to first to Turkmenabad to have lunch and then to Mary settlement. Sightseeing is not in the program for this day. Upon arrival to Mary, hotel check-in. The night is spent in the hotel.

Day 21 Mary - Merv - Ashgabat


After morning meal tourists have a trip to Merv. Merv is located 25 kilometers away from Mary settlement. It is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited Central Asian cities. The city is sometimes called ‘Pearl of East’. The citie’s greatest periods were at the time of Achaemenids and Iranian Empire. Gayir Kala that is on the territory of Merv, has a big area and has four gates that face North, South, West and East. Another interesting sight in Merv is Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar. Its size and design gives impression of solidity and power. We will also see: Erk Kala, Small and Large Gyz Kala, Kesk Fort and others. After sightseeing we return back to Mary and take a flight to Ashgabat. In Ashgabat we check in the hotel and stay there for a night.

Day 22 Ashgabat sightseeing


Sightseeing program in Ashgabat includes: Nisa – Parthian settlement that dates back to 3rd century that had residents up until 19th century; one of the biggest mosques on the territory of Central Asia, called “Spiritual Mosque”; another mosque “Ertogrul Gazy”; Independence Square; Turkmenistan National Museum – the place to see object made of gold and attributes of Bronze Age, Antiquity and Middle age (open every day except Tuesdays). The night is spent in the hotel in Ashgabat

Day 23 Ashgabat - Dashoguz - Kunya Urgench - Dashoguz - Khiva


Take one hour morning flight to Tashauz after breakfast. From Tashauz to Kunya Urgench for a tour. Sightseeing in Kunya Urgench include: Turabeg Khanum, Ibn Khadgib, Sultan Ali, Arslan and Sultan Tekesh Mausoleums, Kutlugh Timur Minaret. This minaret is the highest one in Turkmenistan. Then going to a restaurant for lunch. After the meal, return to Tashauz, which is located near Turkmen-Uzbek border. Passing customs control, enter Uzbekistan and drive to Khiva. In Khiva hotel check-in, dinner and a night sleep.

Day 24 Khiva - Urgench - Tashkent


Sightseeing starts in the morning after breakfast. The program has the following places to visit: Ismail Khodja and Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleums, Kalta Minor Tower, Mohammed Amin Khan and Mohammed Rakhimkhan Madrassas, Juma Mosque, Kunya-Ark and Tash-Hovli Palaces, Islam Khoja Minaret. After Khiva tour, there is a flight back to Tashkent with a transfer flight in Urgench. Hotel check-in and dinner and a night sleep upon arrival to Tashkent.

Day 25 End of the tour

At a midday tourists check out the hotel, spend some time on their own and go to the airport to take a flight back home.

Persons Price is per person/ in USD
Turkmenistan hotels: Margush or Dayanch *3 in Mary & Grand Turkmen or Ak Altyn*4 in Ashgabat
Uzbekistan hotels: Tashkent Palace 4* (Tashkent), Asia Bukhara 3*(Bukhara), Malika Prime 3* (Samarkand), Asia Khiva 3* (Khiva)
2 5304
3 5002
4 3611
6 3300
8 3220

Kazakhstan part:

  1. Professional English speaking guide.
  2. Accommodation for six nights
  3. Drinking water
  4. Transport to the places listed in the tour program. There will be up to three mini buses with air conditioners depending on the size of the group.
  5. Admission fees
  6. Meals according to the program
  7. A train ticket from Almaty to Chimkent

  1. Flight tickets
  2. Fees for processing visa
  3. Visa support
  4. All the expenses for personal needs

  1. Four star hotel Otrar in Almaty
  2. Four star hotel Djambul in Taraz city
  3. Guest house in Aksuu Djabagly
  4. Three star hotel Turkestan in Turkestan city
  5. Four star King Hotel Astana in Astana

Kyrgyzstan part:

  1. Professional guide who speaks English
  2. Accommodation: two nights in Bishkek, one night in Son Kul, one night in Naryn, one night in Karakol and one night in Cholpon Ata. In total there are 6 nights.
  3. Drinking water
  4. Transport to the places indicated in the tour
  5. Admission fee
  6. Meal: B – 6, L – 4, D – 5

  1. Flight tickets
  2. Fees for processing visa and Visa support
  3. Expenses for personal needs

  1. Bishkek – three sta Asia mountains hotel
  2. Issyk Kul lake – two star Royal Beach Hotel
  3. Son Kul lake – yurt camp
  4. Karakol town – Green Yard guesthouse
  5. Naryn town – three star Khan Tengri Hotel

  1. Cruise on a boat cruise when at Issyk-Kul. It costs  $150 an hour for a group
  2.  In Song-Kul you can watch a Yurt setting show. It costs $70 for a group
  3. Carpet making show offered in Kochkor. It costs $60 for one group
  4. Traditional games that include horse riding by Burana Tower. It costs $50 for a group
  5. Folk performance at dinner in Bishkek that costs $100 for a group
  6. Traditional games that include horse riding it Song-Kul Lake, costing $100 for a group

Uzbekistan part:

  1. Accommodation in hotels
  2. Breakfasts at hotels
  3. Comfortable transportation with DVD, A/C, refrigerator, etc.
  4. 10-40 pax – 1 Bus
  5. 60-80 pax – 2 Buses
  6. A guide who speaks English
  7. 10-40 pax – 1 Guide
  8. 60-80 pax – 2 Guides
  9. Tour leader FOC
  10. 10-40 pax – 1 Tour Leader in Single Room
  11. 60-80 pax – 2 Tour Leaders in Double Room
  12. Admissions to the monuments mentioned in the program. But the program doesn’t include extra costs such as costs of taking photos or shooting video
  13. Visa support
  14. All types of taxes

  1. Fees paid for processing and getting visa
  2. Allowance to take use cameras in some places
  3. International air tickets
  4. Expenses for personal needs
  5. Lunch and Dinner
  6. Extras not shown per itinerary
  7. Services that are not in the list of the tour price

Turkmenistan part

  1. Accommodation in hotels
  2. Guide who speaks English
  3. Tours and admission fees
  4. Full Board fm Lunch D.6 till Lunch D.9
  5. Comfortable transportation with air conditioning:
  6. Car 2 pax
  7. Minivan 3-5 pax
  8. Midibus 6-8 pax
  9. Bus 9-20 pax
  10. Transfers according to the program
  11. Hotel porter’s service
  12. Visa support
  13. Travel entry pass
  14. Registration
  15. Drinking water – half a liter for each person during tours

  1. $12 per person – Immigration fee
  2. Fees for getting Turkmen visa
  3. Tours and admissions not stated in the tour program
  4. Allowance to use cameras
  5. Flight costs from Mary to Ashgabat
  6. Flight costs from Ashgabat to Dashoguz
  7. Fees for extra luggage
  8. Services of porter’s service at borders
  9. Folk Performance
  10. Expenses for personal needs

Payment for the tour:

30 day prepayment is required for this tour. The payment can be done in form of bank transfer to our account. Amount and bank details will be stated in our invoice.

If a customer wants to cancel the tour:

  • 40 days in advance, there will be 0% charge
  • 15 days in advance, there will be 50% charge of the price of tour
  • 7 days in advance, there will be 100% of the price of tour




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