Golden Fish Club

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Urta-Chirchik district, pos. Hurt-Saray
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Location: Fishing Club “Golden Fish Club” is located in the Tashkent region, in Urtachirchik area, in the village of Urta-Saray, 20 km away from the circle “Rohat”.

The country club “Golden Fish Club” awaits an active and relaxing holiday, paintball, fishing, and horseback riding – all conveniently combined in the zone. This is a place for those who dream of a holiday in nature, to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For fans of “quiet” hunting, namely, for the angler “Golden Fish Club” offers a beautiful lake. The club has an area of ​​20 hectares.

If you leave not far from Tashkent – you will find yourself in a beautiful place where the beauty of harmony and peace amazing nature. This is sparkling pond with running water, which takes its water from various springs, beating a number it is three meters of coastline, stretching on a beautiful location, the lake with carp, silver carp and white cupids.

The Club has a cozy restaurant. You can book to chef prepare you any dish on the unique original recipe from the entire menu variety, and it shall be done to the highest class.

In the club take care of high breed horses, which are specially equipped for walking paths. Guests to relax can enjoy a trip on these beautiful animals, but for those who do not have the experience – the club provide the instructors, who teaching riding.

At the club presented several options for corporate, club and individual service in fishing services, paintball, horseback riding, shooting range, and other various competitions and sports games.

At club members have the opportunity to rent a cozy house with Finnish saunas and free, designed for 2 or 4 occupants. Each house has a small area, which are equipped with grills and hearth with Kazan.

Houses can be chosen according to your taste: choose a house near the water, on the slopes or in the shade where you can retire, move away from other travelers.

For children, a separate area equipped with toys, swings and a sandbox with clean river sand.

For owners of cars running parking, located not far from the pond.


If you are a novice fisherman and go fish for the first time – the staff zone will help you with the choice of the place where and what to peck one or the other fish.

Fishing in the club “Golden Fish Club” is a pleasure, because your catch is guaranteed, as is constantly stocking ponds.

The club will provide you a fishing guide who will tell you where the fat carp are biting, or inhabited by meter snakehead, and show the habitat of grass carp and silver carp. Instructors will help you get the necessary gear, a variety of ways to share fishing and certainly amuse with anecdotes – you just have to enjoy the fishing.
Air shooting

Excellent addition to active recreation – TIR!

Spend a great time with friends and colleagues, to compete in accuracy and speed, discover the excitement of an in-dash – your friends will love it!

Shooting in the dash is conducted on static targets. You are provided several types of competitions: shooting static figures – speed and accuracy, and target shooting – on points.


Excellent cross-country off-road trip to places where even a pass is not possible, a high-speed tour of the extreme rally or track for continuity – it may have the adrenaline, which you do not have enough in everyday urban life!

Horse rides

In the recreation area specially equipped tracks, which can be rolled on the horse. Beginners who do not have experience in horse riding, advise experienced instructors «GoldenFishClub» – is a master of riding enthusiasts of the business, which will help you get the pleasure of communicating with horses on a background of nature

A restaurant

The Club is a cozy restaurant, decorated in a hunting style. The restaurant seats 50 people, with two floors of the restaurant building. On the ground floor there is a large hall with access to the farmhouse courtyard. From the hall windows you can watch the animals and birds, located in the courtyard. This has its own strangeness and peculiarity. On the second floor there is a small room where you can sit at the tables by the window overlooking the lake.

In the small hall is convenient to carry out various kinds of trainings and meetings.

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