Gastronomic tour in Uzbekistan

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Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva
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  • Exclusive tours to Uzbekistan
  • Duration:7 days
  • Max:20people

Uzbekistan package

Gastronomic tour in Uzbekistan: Test and enjoy the national Uzbek dishes

The tour lasts for seven days and six nights.

Day 1 Welcome to Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

Our guide meets tourists at the airport and takes them to chek-in the hotel. After that tourists are free to spend time on their own. Dinner in local restaurant “Sim – Sim” or “Bakhor “with national show- program.In the menu: shourpa soup and different spicy salads and then shashlik made of veal accompanied by white or red wine. After enjoying evening meal, it is time to have a rest in the hotel.

Day 2 :From Tashkent to Samarkand

Transfer to Samarkand. When in Samarkand, hotel check-in and lunch at the restaurant. In the menu: pilov –the most favorite traditional Uzbek food. The main components of pilov are mutton and rice. Pilov is good with salad called “aychik-chuk”, kazy and khasyp. After dinner return to the hotel for a night sleep.

Day 3 Sightseeing in Samarkand and more national food

In the morning after breakfast we go for sightseeing. After this is unforgettable experience, we go to taste some more Uzbek food. We go to Chaikhona (teahouse). In the menu: manty – steamed dumpling. Main ingredients of manty are: meat, onion and spices. Manty are good with green tea. Night in Samarkand.

Day 4 From Samarkand to Bukhara

In the morning after breakfast we take a ride to Bukhara. When in Bukhara, hotel check-in and dinner in Nadir Divan Begi Madrassa. The dinner is accompanied by live dance and music performances in a traditional style.

Day 5 Sightseeing in Bukhara and more national food

In the morning after breakfast, we go for sightseeing. Then lunch in a teahouse. In the menu: barra. Barra is a young lamb cooked in a national oven called “tandyr”. This night we stay in Bukhara and prepare to go to Khiva.

Day 6 From Bukhara to Khiva

Transfer to Khiva. Arrival in Khiva.Hotel accommodation.Dinner in local guest house.

You will be offered national dish – yumurta barak. Big pelmeni , filled in with an egg mix. This national dish is prepared only in Khiva.

Day 7 Sightseeing in Khiva.

After sightseeing transfer to airport.Departure for Tashkent.Arrival in Tashkent. Farewell dinner in Tashkent restaurant.


Price per person*
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2 pax 1250$ 1020$
10+1pax* 1040$ 920$
15+1 pax* 1020$ 820$
20+1 pax* 960$ 745$
SS 258$ 120$


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