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Samarkand, st. Nodirbegim, 10 Landmark: 10 minutes from the airporг.
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Outside Nodirbegim, 10 in Samarkand Shabistan located hotel – a unique creation of modern designers. Visitors to the hotel always remember with gratitude the staff that tries to surround attention m each newcomer to rest. Beautifully decorated rooms, spacious corridors, nice color shades, curtains flowing down streams, magnificent bouquets of flowers – so meet in Shabistan each guest. In the lobby is a lobby bar, which offers a large selection of all kinds of drinks, where you can try exotic cocktails, enjoy a drink or taste the usual drinks from a variety of fruits. But delicious dine invited in the restaurant – a place certainly enough for everyone, because it is designed for at least 200 visitors. Of course, the nothing cannot be compared on relaxation techniques as a great restaurant and a large swimming pool – water treatment certainly will benefit.

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