Fatima & Ibragim

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Str. Naqshbandi 3, Bukhara, 200118, Uzbekistan Landmark: in the old part of Bukhara
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This mini-hotel is located near the medieval Madrasah and khanaka Nadir Divan-Begi, Kukeldash Bukhara, as well as sculptures Nasreddin Hodja in the Old Town. To reach the old water tank “Labi Havuz” and the eponymous complex structures is not difficult. Everything is nearby: many architectural attractions, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, acting workshops and much more. Find an extraordinary gift for their loved ones people are not the problem – small carpets, embroidery, knives, carved articles of metal and wood, painted pottery and coinage.

Building «Fatima & Ibragim» is a two-storey house, in front of which there is a paved sidewalk tile courtyard. The house has twelve rooms – single and double. Most rooms are twin beds, which simplifies the placement of people who came to Bukhara for business negotiations.

The service includes breakfast, satellite TV, direct dial phone number in Bukhara, air conditioning winter-summer, a bathroom and a shower room. The hotel also runs a small laundry room. Travellers, who wish to take advantage of the fax and the Internet, need to go to the manager of the guest house.

In the courtyard there are plastic tables. Here in the open air, guests can have a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, this area can be considered as the lobby, which is designed for leisure travelers, business meetings and interviews.

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