Extereme tour to the Exotic place of west Turkmenistan

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  • Classic Tours
  • Duration: 15 day/s 14 nights
  • Max:20people

Country: Turkmenistan
Tour route:
Duration: 15 day/s 14 nights
Quality of persons: 20 persons maximum
Hotel type: 3-4 *
Meal: FB
Placemen: single, twin

Day 1

100 km Meet the loсal guide at the Ashgabat International Airport.Transfer to the hotel. City tour.

Day 2

200km. After breakfast, our group will go by 4×4 cars in West direction to the mountain region Nokhur located at 1000 – 1500 meters altitude. On our way we will pass mountain gorges of Firyuza and Chuli, “Kov Ata” underground lake, where we will go down to the cave and at a depth of 80 meters we can take a hot bath (С- +370) in a 80m х 30m lake.

Day 3

50km.Today we will concentrate on local attractions: crown of this region is Uchkui (1903 m) and waterfall in Yol dere canyon.

Day 4

70km.This day, we will pass 70 km of mountain roads. We will visit Aydere canyon – one of the most beautiful places in Turkmenistan.

Day 5

300km. We will start our journey in Sumbar canyon. We will pass 80km there, crossing subtropical zone and find ourselves in Kara Kala settlement. On our way we will visit a holy place Shibli Baba, Ovezberdi Mausoleum.

Day 6

210km. In the morning, we will look round such sights as two minarets, portal of Mosque, ruins of caravansary, and then pass 10 km to the holy place – Mashat – Ata cemetery, visit the oldest Mosque in Turkmenistan Shirkabir

Day 7

250km.This day we will leave mountains and go to desert parts of Turkmenistan. We’ll go in North direction to Karabogazgol bay.

Day 8

150 km. Today we will continue our journey to North through bottom of the bay.

Day 9

In the morning our group will go in East direction to the salt depression Karashor

Day 10

150km.Today our group will move to South through the territory of Kaplangyr reserve along the East border of pit and spend a night next to Parthian fortress Igdy Kala.

Day 11

300km Two next day, our group will go through the most difficult parts of Karakum desert.

Day 12

During this time we will pass salt depressions, conquer cellular, ridge dunes, getting over tiredness of a long-term journey. The Gas crater located in a place called Darwaza, in immediate proximity to our attraction – Gas crater.

Day 13

260km.This day we will pass 250 km of asphalt road and come back to the capital city Ashgabat

Day 14

50km.Today our group will visit Sunday Bazaar -Tolkuchkawhere you can buy Turkmen souvenirs, carpets, national jewelry

Day 15

Transfer to the Ashgabat International Airport for the flight to home





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