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Самарканд, Ак-Сарай, 142 Ориентир: Гур Эмир
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On the street of Ak-Saray, 142 in Samarkand there is a private hotel Emir – tentatively next to the mausoleum of Gur-Emir, which offers views of it both from the windows of the hotel, and from the observation deck, which features a coffee bar of Emir. The friendly owners welcome guestsby offering them a cup of tea.


You can have your breakfast in the room (of 8), but enjoy the food later in a lovely garden with a lot of fruit trees of a variety of colors and intertwining vines of grapes. By the way, the owners treat visitors not only to the national cuisine but, at the request of residents, also to European dishes, as well as vegetarian food.


Around the Emir there are many architectural monuments and walking to them is one of the daily activities of tourists. Many visitors admirably remember the finishings of the rooms, going into which, inevitably you transfer to the traditional Uzbek culture with such unique and original way of decoration. Leaving the Emir you can buy souvenirs that are available in abundance in the gift shop located on the hotel grounds.

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