Darvozai Moxi-Xosa

3 stars
Bukhara, street Rabotak 2
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The city of Bukhara on Rabotak street, the hotel is located 2 Darvozai Moxi-Xosa. Its main attraction is considered to be a large pool. The 15 rooms offer a full order – cleaning it every day. Holidaymakers pleasantly surprised cozy atmosphere, air conditioning, bathroom amenities and even soft, white bathrobes. Resting, it is not necessary to worry about contaminated clothing – clean things can be in the laundry, and ironing – on washer-induced wrinkles leave no chance. The day begins with a delicious lunch, a morning which will bring to the room. The staff, to communicate in Russian, English, certainly wish to living an enjoyable day. We invite couples with children, which allowed the installation of another room for sleep – with the permission of management of post-paid. Animals in Darvozai Moxi-Xosa not allowed.

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