Charos Deluxe Resort and Spa in Charvak

1 star
Uzbekistan,Tashkent region Bostanlyk district of the village of Yusufkhona
53.00 $

In the village Yusuphona on Charvak reservoir is a complex Charos DeLuxe Resort, a well-known popular among the population nightclub Charos Night. The apartments – standard and deluxe – which total 45, with large flat screen televisions, work split systems be sure to have a balcony. Daily executive staff produces a damp clean rooms.


For visitors who stay in the complex for a short time, it offers comfortable deckchairs, rent which is produced daily. In Charos restaurant offered travelers a chic buffet, range which is the most exquisite dishes. Here – Chayhona, fast food, bar, pool bar. For lovers of active pastime Charos DeLuxe Resort offers bike rides, roller skating, sightseeing tours, swimming in the pool, mini-water park, a game of table tennis.


Every evening for residents – a new, unforgettable enchanting program, decorated with a fire show, dancing, live music with the main treat – fragrant lamb, traditionally roasted on a spit. Of great interest is at guests sand animation, laser show and a show with soap bubbles, show-ballet program, as well as other surprises that Charos DeLuxe Resort is always happy to share.

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