Caravan Saray

2 stars
Samarkand, Chorraha Street, 96 Landmark: mosque Bibi Khanum
51.00 $

At Chorraha Street, 96 in Samarkand there is Hotel Caravanserai. You can navigate it through the famous Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the view of which opens from Citadel bar located on the roof of the Caravanserai. The building itself is of surprising sophistication and beauty – ganch, frescoes, traditional patterns – all interwoven into one unique picture. The hotel rooms (14) are served by professionals who never bother visitors without need. Fresh newspapers are delivered directly in the room; here it is possible to order food – dishes of national and common European cuisine. There is also a restaurant, which has its own outdoor cafe. Going on a sightseeing trip (which can also be booked with the Caravanserai), the most valuable things can be left in the hotel safe. For years, the hotel has only pleased its guests, making caravanserai one of the most respected palaces in Samarkand.


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