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Andijan city, A.Fitrat street, house number 241 Reference point: Babur's library, Babur theater
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In Andijan, in the street A.Fitrata, house number 241, is the hotel “Andijan”. It is very easy to find it – the library and the Bobur Theater are very close by. “Andijan” is designed for 73 seats, but thanks to the possibility of installing additional beds, the hotel can accommodate significantly more residents. In the rooms there is a permanent city telephone connection, television works by cable and satellite channels, considerably facilitating the residence of powerful modern air-conditioners. In “Andijon” you can relax with children – for your little ones, your room is equipped, and babysitting will be constant and very attentive. To monitor health is recommended, referring to nurses in the medical office – it is not superfluous to measure the pressure after a hot sauna or soothing massage. Also, there is no need to worry about the vehicles – under “Andijan” there is a parking lot. The hotel is always quiet, because the order is closely watched by professional security guards.

  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   WiFi
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