For tourists note: what to see in Astana?

Any trip cannot be imagined without acquaintance with the real diversity of the country. Once in Astana, do not forget to do a few mandatory things. Start your acquaintance with the city better on the traditional oriental bazaar, where you can feel the aroma of a long past era. Firstly, here, like many centuries ago, all kinds of sweets, dishes, fabrics and jewels are sold.


Secondly, it is here that famous Kazakh artists give their performances. That is why every tour operator in Kazakhstan offers all kinds of options for recreation. Despite the fact that tourism in Uzbekistan is very developed, the statistics show that many tourists go there for the sake of various cultural programs, the Kazakh direction will also be able to show a lot of interesting things.


Fly a flying saucer

Fans of truly unusual places will be delighted when they learn that they will be able to go on board a flying saucer. We are talking about the national Kazakh circus, where you need to look. Despite the fact that the circus itself opened its doors only a few years ago, it had already managed to become one of the centers of attraction not only for tourists, but also for local residents.


Taste the national food

Despite its futuristic look, Astana very carefully treats its traditions. Today in the city there are many small cafes, pubs and restaurants offering both national and European cuisine. If you want to try such national dishes as shuzhuk or beshparmak, then without delay go to a restaurant located on Turan Avenue.


Unusual three-level overpass

If you like really unusual architectural structures, do not forget to visit the famous three-level overpass, which is located on the Water-Green Boulevard of Astana. According to its structure, it is one large pedestrian avenue. The first level is given to a spacious parking lot, where local residents and guests of Astana can leave their “iron horse”. The second level is reserved for various commercial infrastructure:

  1. Several showrooms;

2.Different restaurants;

  1. Offices;
  2. Shopping centers;
  3. Small shops.


The third level of this building has everything you need for long walks among the incredible floral and decorative compositions, incredibly decorated fountains, sculptures, and so on. Walking here, you will never feel the pressure of a big city. That is why not only the townspeople come here to relax, but also numerous guests of the country who are buying favorable last minute trips for the rest.