Capital Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Astana, being the place of concentration of the advanced architectural technologies, does not cease to be pleasing to the eye even of very experienced tourists. One of such constructions is the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation built in 2006 in Astana. Official news of Astana in literal sense dazzled with various photos of this construction. The international architects invited for construction of the palace chose really unusual form for future building – a pyramid. For this reason today many guests of Astana carry the building of the palace to one of Wonders of the world.


Architectural features of the palace

The tourists giving preference to unusual architectural constructions can safely order last-minute travel offers independently to admire this miracle of an architectural thought. Each element of this palace in literal sense blows the mind:

In dark colors the part of a pyramid representing a vault was executed;
The world around us reflected in a middle part of a pyramid was executed only in white color;
The pyramid top made of glass acts as a symbol of the boundless sky here.

It is simple to guess that such division was chosen deliberately. The head of Kazakhstan decided to create the place where could meet as representatives of traditional religions and beliefs of Kazakhstan, and world faiths. Entrusted to control construction process to the famous British architect Norman Foster who proposed many really original solutions.