Restaurant “Fat Sheep

Fans of Asian cuisine can boldly arrange last minute trips in order not only to get acquainted with the sights of the capital, but also to taste the real Chinese cuisine offered by the Fat Sheep restaurant. The owners of this complex have done everything possible to convey the “spirit and letter” of the great Chinese culture. After all, it will not be a secret for anyone that the Chinese are very scrupulous about cooking and eating food.

Full immersion in the world of Chinese gastronomy

Chinese traditional gastronomic philosophy identifies several product categories. First, we are talking about the “fan”, which is a traditional Chinese food:

3.Flour products and so on.

Secondly, it is “tsai” – it includes poultry meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and so on. Based on longstanding traditions, local chefs will prepare a variety of dishes from fresh and healthy products. Cooks note that visitors will not only be fed, but also satisfied. The restaurant owners have taken care not only about the full compliance of the gastronomic traditions, but also about the proper serving of food. If you have planned a gastronomic tour to Kazakhstan, then a visit to this restaurant should definitely not be in last place on your to-do list.

Numerous restaurant specialties

If you are interested in gastronomic tourism in Uzbekistan, Tatarstan or Kazakhstan, then this restaurant will definitely be able to expand your gastronomic horizons. In its menu is presented:

  • Traditional Chinese beer;
  • Kebabs;
  • Hogo;
  • Different types of national sauces;
  • Chinese duck;
  • Chinese dumplings;
  • Famous cookies with embedded predictions.

The quality of the dishes prepared here is monitored by a chef who arrived in Astana from Beijing.