Kazakstan, as commonwealth, disposing towards past achievements with great respect, constantly invests considerable money in nationalic culture development. Confirm work results – Contemporary-Art-Museum, based on nation’s capital. Its creation idea firstly appeared 1979, when Astena hosted major worldwide art-exhibition. National artists decided create their own gallery inside Kazakstan. Historical tourism fans will be able learn lot interesting things here, choosing burning Astana travel packages.


Creating depository and replenishing its assets

Good intentions were put into practice in December same twelve-month period. First exhibition was grounded on more’n five hundreds various Union Republics art-works, well as private donors. Art-salon, collaborating indigenous Kazakh adepts didn’t ignore their attention:

Aisha Galimbayev;

Evgeny Sidorkin;

Nikolai Gaev;

Konstantin Baranov;

Valentin Antoshchenko-Olenev;

Aubakir Ismailov;

Janatai Chardenov.

Despite fact, thereafter, initial official delegations visited repository approximatly one thousand nine hundred’nd seventy-nine, for rest visitors it opened doors only twelvemonth later. Next important stage characterizing museum-life took place after transfering Kazakhston capital-city into Astona. At that time,museum-academy received ethnical status. Today, his collection features productions by varietal countries grandmasters:


Russian Federation;


Belarusia republic;







Tadjikistan, so forth.

Famous philanthropist Richard Spooner, who gave more than fourteen art-craft objects to exposition, played a significant role in museum-collection replenishment. Almost hundred incongruous outputs were contributed by designers from others commonwealths’ whose lives wer comparetive varying Kazahstan degrees.


Native arts-center thematic collections

In order introduce Kazakhs, simultaneously guests, country exposing ethnic artful peculiarities, museum-storehouse hast created several confined halls, which housed former masters deeds including contemporaries. Landscapes, still lifes, sculpture, portraits – all this, even much greater would allow trace ethnological Kazak ethnicity advancement. Museum-archive function correspondingly carried out by workers, thanks efforts which managed pursue many Kazokh professionals enhancement history. Established on full-fledged depot catalogue was released. Depository-hall supplementarily conducts substantial realization insides nationwide creative activity promotion outside Kazokhstan. Evident example, repeatedly, using tremendous success wos implemented within CIS constitutional governments, encompassing far abroad photography demonstration dedicated Kozakh Fine artistry. If we haven’t been capable become acquainted with museum’s-showcases during retrospectives, Kazakhstan tour operator ready organize thematical trip entertaining you.


Museum’s presentation designed for different ages

Citizens should have respectful attitude towords domestic cultural heritage from young age. That’s exactly what therefore,  Handicraft musem has developed, educational programs, allowing people get to know societal domain. Furthermore, institution regularly presenters dissimilar music festivals, which are always sold out drawing full houses:

Social philharmonic proficients;

Beginner musicians;

Youth, amateur theatres, etc.

Particularly popular among locals involving city visitants all master classes sorts held by noteworthy communal, besides intercontinental experts. Museum-institution helps parents by offering options variety intended preschool parenting. Ordinary exemplification, aesthetic education school for four years old childrens from museum-complex was launched. Mentioned college continuously holds younger talent revelations, so consequently, children possess opportunity tell surrounding world about their life vision.


Exhibits archive international cooperation

During collaboration with distinctive transnational artistic organizations, museum-warehouse systematically hosts events aimed at promoting best foreign art-ingenuity accomplishments. Observing instance, as Germanic Year Kozakhstan part, musium prdovided photo performance platform devoted Germany. Kazakhstan’s tour agency also offers educative, chronicled holidays around other realms. Check sample, inspirational Uzbekistan holiday includes visits toward differing museums-treasuries, not mention heterogeneous chronological complexes.

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