Nour Astana mosque

Historical tourism gains the increasing popularity among those whom the Uzbek airlines bring to Astana. Many vacationers specially choose this direction for the sake of the numerous historical monuments which became witnesses of bloody fights, great victories and so on. One of such sights is Nour Astana Mosque which opened the doors in March, 2005. Despite rather young age, the mosque became not only well recognizable architectural symbol of the city, but also a part of spiritual life of people.

Today this construction takes the second place in the country after the mosque Hazret Sultan who is considered by one of architectural jewelry of the region. In spite of the fact that tourism in Uzbekistan, reviews of which speak about existence in this country of a large number of antique constructions, is very developed, Kazakhstan also takes not the last place in this question.


Architectural features of a monument

Many tourists who were in time to enjoy appearance of this mosque note unusual contrast between the construction and surrounding buildings. The mosque executed in classical east style was built of snow-white material. The top part of the mosque the gold dome reflecting beams of the sun crowns. Many international and domestic experts agree in opinion that this mosque is one of the best illustrations of many east fairy tales. If you wish to get acquainted with this fairy tale, then make out last-minute travel offers and come.

The total area of the mosque is nearly four thousand square meters, and height of the minarets located on each side is sixty three meters. Exactly the central dome of the mosque which height is forty meters is in the middle located. It is considered that all sizes were chosen with deep philosophical meaning. For example, exactly in forty years the great Muhammad who lived 63 years met God. The dome of the mosque is based upon eight support on which quotes from the sacred book are engraved. Between support the huge fountain is located.