Kazakh Yurt

Yurts have been nomadic people habitation for many years. This housing is very effective to nomads, who move from one place to another through steppe as it stays mobile with simple design and set up features. Ancient dwelling name means native land or motherland and represents Kazakhstan culture.

Nowadays yurts design has not changed much since earlier times. Furthermore, such household stays popular throughout Central Asia travel including; Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan also Kyrgyzstan. Every country or even region has its own styling which depends upon weather conditions. For instance, Tuva republic featuring Altai have lower construction though Kazakh yurts are rather low because of steppe wind.

The construction includes lattice framework, felt featuring wooden details, usually made off willow otherwise birch trees. There is an opening onto dwelling top which contributes upon outgoing fumes either light. Such housing kind protects against winds coming precipitations in cold statement but stay cool otherwise summer hot. Shanyrak appears a country symbol illustrated inside Kazakh emblem.

Installation process does not take much time because 3 family members can finish it rather fast. Even women can carry out those works during one hour time. Some structures contain main door applied latticed frame connected from six to ten objects. Then central hole set up on roof afterwards walls assembled in dome shape using several poles. All details get together using special materials forward further standing inflexibility. Finally, walls covered by felt packaged hawser. When weather go worse rain coming, upper hole covers installed beforehand fabrics.

During ancient periods nomads defined looking on sun signs, so nowadays door still situated south as old tradition prescripts. According early order nomads keep take into consideration world parts involving entire habitation placement. Consequently, housekeeping consist divided sections, men, elder family members right other side women, children left sides. Fireplace involving cazan always located under center. Carpets appear like fundamental decoration keeping warm comfortable conditions.

Today compared modern high- raised buildings venerable dome shaped dwellings seem unique remembrance off people’s cultural heritage. It stayed still popular within local tourist attractions remaining republic’s visiting card.