Tower Bayterek

The tower Bayterek became one of the capital symbols built by the famous British architect Norton Foster. The unusual and courageous architectural concept helped this construction to enter the list of capital symbols quickly enough. The tower on the appearance is similar to a classical poplar which in Kazakh and sounds “байтерек”. Suggests to see it practically all hotels of Astana which windows come to the mountain. Statistics says that if to compare price range next to Kazakhstan a camp, then in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan the prices of hotel rooms will be almost at the identical level.


Architectural features of a construction

As the main construction material the facilitated metal which allowed to create a distinguished form was used without having broken at the same time the general durability of the building. Height of a tower is about hundred five meters, and gross weight reaches one thousand tons. For the purpose of the bringing to a design of bigger durability, the architect decided to put all construction on the basis including five support.

The decorative sphere which weight reaches three hundred tons, and diameter – twenty two meters finishes all composition. For production of this sphere the decision to use the special glass which received the name “chameleon” was made. Feature of this material is its ability to change color depending on surrounding lighting. The magnificence it can be seen independently, having chosen last-minute travel offers for the period of the holiday.


To tourists is what to look at

The permanent interest of guests of the capital of Kazakhstan and locals in this construction is explained by existence of well developed entertaining infrastructure. For example, here it is possible to visit the real observatory which was placed on the ninety seventh floor. This figure was chosen not casually, in 1997 the decision on transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan to Astana was made.

Near observatory there is a unique platform from where the bewitching view of the city opens. For the purpose of creation of additional conveniences to vacationers, at top levels the restaurant of the ethnic cuisine, a multilevel aquarium and the real art gallery was also built.