An important function demonstrating the origin and artwork development around Kazakstan Republic performed Russian artists working in modern direction. Drawings, various watercolors Ch.Valihanov exiled to Kazakhston Rusian artist Taras Shevchenko, actually mirror lifestyles and Kazahstan reviews within XIX century. But at paintings by using VV Vereshchagin subject central Asian matter, in particular, Kazakhsten has been exteremly essential. His painting “Encompassing mountains Lepsinsk facet” accurately conveys top notch splendor of Kazakston land. For reason that mid-40s started developing picture tale inside connoisseurs works together with A. Ismailov, Kasteev, in addition toward panorama and portrait (MS Lizagub artistes, LP Leontev AM Cherkasky). In fact, country cultural heritage is much richer, even more colorful. Kazakhstan tour agency offers huge variety of trips with professional guides, comfortable accommodation included.