Passenger cars

For a person living within city, automobile plays tremendous role. It’s an image of conurbation, but it’s simply impression. That’s why Chevrolet Epica’s progressive motorcar with dignity. Car is ideal for active, purposeful and business people. Chevralet Epica considered comfortable vehicle, “luxury” series. It’s elegant outside, whereas spacious inside. It has excellent smoothness, low vibration, simultaneously good noise insulation. Despite fact that machine’s design made in “strict beauty”, which makes it concise, besides more harmonious, compared toward other automobiles rating its class.

Vehicle-car size’s pleasantly surprised. Salon’s considerably capacious. Chevrollet Epeca promises your movement comfort. Epicka’s trunk’s roomy (up to four hundred and thirty-five litres). Problems will not arise if you have to carry lots of things in your auto-car because back seat’s very simple. However, that’s definitely big advantage. Salon covering’s manufactured of leather, therefore astonishingly pleasant to touch. Staying on Uzbekistan tours, you’ll meet this engineering masterpiece many times, moreover, feel all its comfortableness.

Chievrolet Epieca equipped with brake distribution-system. Airbags (front), side air-bags including curtains, everything ensure driver & passengers safety in the cabin. Security system’s passive state before collision. At concussion point or impact, system becomes activated. For all transportation-related matters, please constantly contact our or call 998781297777 (Timur).