Restaurant Nodir Divan-Beghi Medresse, Bukhara

Lyabi-Hayz is popular and very beautiful square in city’s old part.

Beautiful Medrassah with golden birds’ drawings on portal was erected in 17 century by Emir’s minister. These paintings are not common for that period architecture, but for Zoroastrian religion, which was predominant throughout Central Asia travel long time ago. As minister was Shia branch adherent, he could picture birds and other animals decorating his buildings.

Nowadays, this place became Bukhara main tourists’ attraction. Explorers will be able to see Uzbek traditions either culture, reflected in particular architectural style. Additionally, they can take part within different performances, feel Uzbekistan special ambience through folk dances, music, national cuisine.

After sunset travelers can hear traditional music either see folk instruments including; nay, soz, doyra and others. Performances of different dances representing multinational country such as Tajik, Arabic, Khorezm, Fergana hold here for travelers. During brakes some fashion studios demonstrate their wear collections, where traditional style mixed up with contemporary trends featuring clothing technologies.

Tourists will be able to taste delightful traditional dishes including: palov, manti, shurpa, narin, various kebabs. No one can resist Asian sweets featuring delicious fruits with hot black or green tea.

Souvenir shops are available on territory. Travelers may purchase some interesting presents from local skilful craftsmen.

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