Yusuf Yasaulbashi Madrasa

In the well-known in Asia Ichan-Kala there is Yusuf Yasaulbashi madrasah. It is believed that this institution got the name in honor of one of the leaders of the guards of the Khan. Madrasah dates from 1906.


At the beginning of the last century, when the present territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan was under the control of the Russian Empire, the famous Yusuf Yasulbashi was responsible for the prison system and personal safety of the Khan of Khiva. His duties included direct delivery of important documents, the protection of important state delegations and so on.


His administration was located in the palace of Tash-Howly, next to which was built the madrasah. The building is designed in a rectangular shape, while its upper part is decorated with several corner towers. On the base of all the decorative elements masonry made of brick was used.


The central entrance to the complex madrasah is decorated with a 3-stage portal. The entrance is surmounted by a large domed composition room that leads to a small arched doorway. Farther on is a small courtyard, as well as the entrance compositions to multiple residential buildings surrounding the madrasah. In the northern part you can also find a small domed mosque.


Over time and the functional purposes of madrassas have changed. Today, the office of the committee which lends its full support to local residents is located here.