TV tower of Tashkent

In the capital, not far from the water park is located 375-meter high tower to broadcast television and radio. It is the highest tower in the whole of Central Asia. Construction of this strategically important object was about six years, since 1978. Increased requirements for seismic resistance and wind resistance have been realized by architects NG Terziev-Tsarukovym Yu.P.Semashko and, in close collaboration with the engineers – designers and M.D.Musheevym E.P.Morozovym. It is hard to imagine that this lightweight trellis frame of the building is able to withstand very strong earthquakes on the Richter scale.


TV Tower is equipped with modern telecommunication equipment of leading companies. Due to this and the coordinated work of the staff of the broadcasting center, a stable reception of television channels and radio programs is guaranteed in a fairly large area. This applies to Syrdarya and Tashkent region and Tashkent itself and the border areas of Kazakhstan.


At a height of 94 meters there is a special viewing platform, where the weather is good excursions admire the prospect of the city. At 4 meters above the blue hall of the restaurant is “Koinot” serving Eastern cuisine. European dishes – red area of specialization hall (height 104 meters). In one hour, the moving platform of the restaurant makes one revolution. Do not think that you have to go on foot! The TV tower has three high-speed lifts Swiss “Schindler”, a minute overcoming 240 m.