Tombs of the Temurids

In Gur-Emir there are three graves of the other Temurid governors. Two of them were sons of Amir Temur and there was one grandson Mirzo Ulugbeg. First and oldest one among them was Miranshah that lived from 1366 till 1408 and known as a Temur’s third son. The second one Shahruh, whose years of life were from 1377 till 1447. Miranshah at the age of 20 defeated the troops of Tokhtamish-khan in the Caucasus. In the beginning of 1390s he was proclaimed as a governor of several regions located in the western part of the government. Miranshah was killed in war contrary the Turkmens. After several time his remains were brought to Maverannahr and reinterred in Gur-Emir.

Shahruh was the youngest son of Amir Temur. At the age of 20 he was enthroned in Khurasan. He was a paramount governor after death of father. His son Mirzo Ulugbeg was given Maverannahr by him and Ulugbeg had swayed the scepter there for about forty years. During a martial crusade Shahruh dead and was interred in Heart. Ulugbeg has come to Khurasan two times and finally took throne of Heart. As a result remains of his father were reburied in rebellion. He uncrowned the father and as well planned his death. In his own turn, Abdullatif was soon dethroned, and remains of Ulugbeg were buried in Gur-Emir.