Geneses of Shahi-Zinda necropolis has a connection with Kusam ibn Abbes, who was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad. Necropolis has a location on the slope of the Afrasiab hill. We are informed about that he participated in the first Arab crusade to Maverannahr. In accordance with a legend, this necropolis was given a name “alive king” because of Kusam, who was deadly injured at walls of Samarqand and he managed to escape under the ground where he continued to live. The sufferer Kusam ibn Abbes had got a condition of Islamic saint and patron of Samarqand by the 10th-11th century. In the 12th-15th centuries a complex of mausoleum and mosques had been raising lengthwise the road bringing to Kusam’s mausoleum that refined loveliness as if negated the death.