Not every building can boast it carries architectural, but also socio-cultural value. Striking example is Friendship Bridge, connected country southern part with major Afghanistan port, which called Hairaton. Building history began at XIX century end, when small wooden overpass replaced iron one. Construction carried out under Russian Empire program towards develop Central Asian travel region. Desire intensifies economic and transport links between regions led to establishing full-fledged viaduct.


Initial difficulties didn’t stop builders.

Transport structure, whether length exceeds two thousand meters, was arranged on specially reinforced wooden piles. Historical evidence suggests first overpass within this place stood only half dozen years. Reason forwards such short existence engineering erection was nature activity; stormy river flowed at wooden base, for very short time architectural standards, completely destroyed foundation.


During 1902, railway trunk line seized most Turkmenistan, made local authorities seriously think about foundation full-fledged durable framework inside such place. Initial calculations showed hundreds trains with passengers featuring cargoes would be held there every day, whatsoever required creation unique facility here capable ensuring safe passage trains.


An official permission has been received over construction.

Large amounts capital investments, likewise best engineering minds that era were thrown project development. Russian Empire found treasury more than five million rubles. If amount converted into modern currency, then it would be enough not just over viaduct, furthermore, putting up dozen kilometers electrified highway for travel Uzbekistan. Economic either political importance those projects forced authorities entrust establishment toward person whose name has long been synonymous reliability architect Olshevsky S.


Choice favor off architect became no really accidental. Olszewski managed add projects into list his victories no just on Aral, likewise on West-Siberian railway. He resolved build all respects unique establishment. Almost twenty-seven massive spans erected above turbulent river, brought masterpiece constructive thought one row together best buildings that time.


Bridge life at present stage;

Technologies effectiveness used architectural genius evidenced fact behalf approximately seven decades; framework didn’t require repairs or improvements. Next important stage into engineer composition life occurred already Soviet Union. Middle 80s last century, decided modernize facility, whatsoever length exceeded eight hundred meters. Builders had work really extreme conditions. Fighting inside Afghanistan couldn’t barely stop new constructing, moreover, completely destroy. Fortunately, erecting process appears completed by 1989, when withdrawal from state was completed.


Despite hostilities end, formation had difficult fate. Taliban, who captured some country part, called huge formation “Hairaton”. More than ten years, stayed closed forward passage vehicles either people. Those were done order ensure adequate security level. By 2001, when tensions had subsided, decided resume full functioning.