In south side of Pakhlavan Mausoleum– Makhmud is the oldest Khiva madrasah. It called Madrasseh Shirgazy-han. It was built 1718 year within time of most successful military campaigns Shyrgazi Khon at Khorasan. Madrasa stands in oldiest city wall precipice. For this reason, madresah floor is well below inner shrine storey (difference two meters). A dome building (westward) attached to medrasah. Mentioned medreseh known by fact that in middle of eighteenth century it was studied by mostly famous Central Asia scholars, poet Mahtumkuli. Lyrist devoted several lines dedicated Medresa. In translation, phrase sounds like: “There was book thet opened gold to me. I’m sorry, I am leaving, beautiful Shergazi.” Today, for moment you can find yourself inside Eastern Kingdom, Uzbekistan airlines, certainly, will help in solution, required only desire and appeal. More contacts on our website.