Hanaka of Kokildor Ota

This monument is in all respects unusual. The building has a dome-shaped form and a few of internal chambers. The facade was decorated with exquisite bricks, which were specially brought here from afar. Architects, who erected the building, decided to use several construction experiments. For example, here for the first time a 3-tiered facade technology of an open type was used.


General layout of the building was clear symmetrical. In the central part there was a terrace, fixed on a central axis. Here was the main hall and the entrance to the building. Here several rooms were located according to the “mirror” principle. Guests entering the building through the main door first found themselves in the main hall. If you wanted to get into one of the rooms, you had to use one of the side entrances.


All the walls were decorated with special ornaments made of ganch (stucco). The inner hall of the building contained many gravestones. Among them there was a gravestone,whichbelonged to Kokildoru-ota. The portal of the construction that was more appropriate for a historical era of Timurids (15th century, was subject to multiple of reconstructions. Today, you cannot say with certainty what events gave rise to the reconstruction of the building in a new style.