Mound Ayritom

This ancient settlement includes a number of important historical monuments. Find the complex can be along the bank of the Amu Darya in nearly two dozen kilometers from Termez. The studied area of the town, where in the 2nd century acted fort is almost 90.


With 1c. then begins to develop the Buddhist community. Since that time the active construction of various religious buildings. The peak of development of the Buddhist culture of the Kushan period considered when completing the construction of the temple complex in the region. Historical evidence suggests that its length was almost three thousand meters.


Architects and decorators of that time took care of the building to get a really luxurious:

1. Numerous sculptures;

2. The use of burnt bricks;

3. Presence of the developed industrial and economic life;

4. Own fired brick oven on;

5. Shop potters.


However, all this splendor lasted only until the beginning of the third century. The economic and cultural decline of the settlement was so important that the city of it and could not recover.