усыпальница Дамаи Шахон Коканд

This architectural structure is a necropolis where Kokand ruler Narbuta-biy and his descendants are buried. The building has mausoleum with tombs, aivan mosque either cemetery. Construction activities were started in nineteenth century by the seventh head off Kokand Khanate, son Nurbut-biy, Umarkhan. In 1822, due to Umarkhan death, his wife, famous poetess Nodirabegiim, continued construction. Works were finished at end 1825.

There are several burials inside building’s central zone interesting for Uzbekistan group tours. Mausoleum exterior decoration strikes amazing patterns. Different techniques applying mosaic patterns form beautiful ornaments. Wooden entrance doors are decorated with two layers carving. Here, masters managed, through simple Arabic script patterns, to link excerpts from Quran and Umarkhan works, known in literary world under pseudonym Amiri.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан