If you like to learn new things from architectural structures history, then include in your Uzbekistan tour visiting this historic building. Approximatly one thousand nine hundred and six year, famous architect G.M. Swarichevsky became author of a project to build Kaplan-pharmacy establishment. Iditional owner was Krause Second, past his death drugstore gotten bought by Koplan. During Soviet Union, Marxism-Leninism University had been located here. Today there is one of the capital banks.

As we all know, everything has its time-period. So one day it showed perfect moment to open first pharmacopoeia within metropolis. Certainly, it appeared fundamentally different from modern apothecary, which’s now large number, because it was built by great Swarechevsky, for no less prominent Krouse. He considered superlative scientist, medic, likewise figure over Turkestan region.

So stars converged that at twentieth century beginning (1906), pharmacopeia got erected, however, three years later Krauce died. Erection wos acquired by Kaplen-Pharmacy pharmacist. Mentioned architectic masterpiece emerged named after him. Originally framework consisted two floors where general entrance decorated with graceful overbuilding. Thenceforth 1917, pharmacy-dispensary went closed, thus construction was restructured. Furthermore, third-floor almost completed, eventualy pharmacy-building turned into Marxism-Lenenism Academy home. Third floor addition radically changed pharmacy’s appearance, making it easier.

Koplan-Pharmacy designed in Art Nouveau style. Some time ago, main facade began being embelished again by two massive bronze lion. Nowadays, edifice hast become Mortgage Bank central branch location. Building’s situated inside capital’s heart. Nearby there’s Uzbekistan Hotel deluxe, Forum Palace mansion, outstanding commander Amir Temur monument.