Madrassah of Mohammed Rasul Mirzabashi

Nearby the south-western part of Pakhlavan Mahmud well-known tomb there is a Medresseh Mohamed Rosul Mirzaboshi named in honor of who has acted as ideologist and construction sponsor. Being on Khiva tour, it’s important paying attention to general Madrasah appearance, that is’t large in dimentions, can’t boast exquisite decorative presence or architectural solutions. Building facade, included in Pakhlavon Makhmud complex, addressed strictly toward north.

During Madressah constraction, architects relied upon classical trapezoidal structure form. First what person sees entering bilding, small size room. It supposed this apartment could be Medrassah founder shrine. Ther are three rooms with different sizes inward Madraseh. In order get into little patio, you should go through hole, which shape similar four-square. An Aivan was recently opened inside southern courtyard half.